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    How I Unintentionally Became A Bee Keeper

    As I have stated in many blogs, we want to be as self sufficient as possible. Everything from our vegetables to our meat to our milk we want it to all come from our backyard in due time. With that said one of my husband’s hobbies is making his own beer and mead. We do grow hops in our back yard but the North Carolina weather is not ideal for growing hops so they haven’t yet produced very well. However, having bees and having our own honey is possible here! Becoming a bee keeper was something we could get into being in the South East. My husband and I discussed…

  • Issues with our honey bee queens
    Bees,  Our Live Stock

    Issues with Our Honey Bee Queens

    My husband and I have two apiaries (bee hives) on our homestead. This year we have had issues with our honey bee queens. We have had one heck of a time trying to keep a queen in each of our hives. At one point our weaker hive excelled and became our stronger hive while the other hive had a swarm and everything went down hill from there. We nicknamed that hive the “struggle bus” because we could not keep a queen in that hive to save our lives! We backed off and gave them time to create their own queen, then by the grace of the Bee Gods we saw…

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